Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death Collector's Edition

Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death Collector's Edition 1.0

Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death is an adventure game with a thrilling storyline

Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death is a puzzle adventure game with a thrilling storyline. You play the role of a father who is looking for his missing daughter in Italy. His daughter, Angie, arrived to a small Italian island to meet an artist famous for his prophetic paintings, which were supposed to announce people's deaths. Things turned out a bit differently to what the girl had planned, and now she needs your help.

You arrive to Italy and soon find out that a series of strange accidents has been taking people's lives. The first clues point to a mythical shadowy figure called the Silhouette, which is said to appear before tragic events occur. Probably Virgil, the prophetic painter, could tell you something about Angie's whereabouts, and that's how your search starts.

Dark Canvas plays mostly as a point-and-click game that combines different puzzle types and is based on searching for hidden objects. As you explore the game areas with your mouse, the cursor will change to indicate the different tasks you need to complete. You can pick up objects at sight or may need to solve HOG scenes and mini games to get the elements that will help you in your search. The games has you looking for keys to open locked rooms, getting candles to light dark locations, assembling pieces to open intricate lock mechanisms, and so on. Objects will be stored in the inventory, and from there you can use them to interact with the environment.

Little by little, the game area starts to expand and new locations are unlocked. Backtracking is constant; more than often you will need to walk back to previously visited places to complete unsolved puzzles, which complicate things a bit since the game does not provide an interactive map.

Before starting, you can choose between three difficulty levels, which will determine the amount of help and hints you will get during the game. In the casual mode, hints are rechargeable and can be used as guide throughout the game and also in hidden-object scenes.

With its fantastic visuals and soundtrack, Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death is an enjoyable game that entertains with its story and the variety of puzzles it contains. It is a must-have in any casual game collection.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Stunning visuals
  • Great, thrilling storyline
  • Lots of places to explore and different types of puzzles to solve
  • Three difficulty levels
  • The Collector's Edition includes a bonus story, the strategy guide, and other extras


  • No interactive map
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